Being a Lady in a Society Where Anything Goes

“The future, which we hold in trust for our own children, will be shaped by our fairness to other people’s children”

~Marian Edelman Wright

During the Catch Them Young (CTY) “Self Esteem Workshops”, we teach our ladies how to win in their male to female relationships. The makeup of the male gender is discussed at length. A man is created to compete. He possesses a competitive edge. He likes to compete, work and finally conquer. The female gender in todays’ society has much work to do in this area. They have made themselves so readily available for all types of promiscuity and sexual perversion. Guys can so easily, as this generation says, “smash” a young lady without hardly any effort. Girls are throwing themselves at the guys. The clothes young ladies wear today leave nothing to the imagination, everything seems to be hanging out exposing every part of their body.

At CTY we thrive to teach our ladies the importance of dressing modestly. NO! I’m not saying dress like a nun, I mean dress stylish and fashionable, but show just enough for him to admire and wonder. Men are very fleshy…they are motivated by their senses, more so than women.  Sight really stimulates them. Ladies, don’t allow the pressures around you to cause you to compromise your standards. Just because everybody is doing it, or that special guy that you really like says, “If you really like me, you will do it”.

One of the hard lessons I learned in my life, anything you compromise your standards for, you will ultimately lose. As a lady, if you are interested in a guy, you can create a desire to be ignited in him toward you. They love the adrenaline rush! This will cause him to pursue you. It’s the chase that he really likes and it stimulates him. If they really like you, they will do it all to conquer. When they see that you are not like other females-you don’t give out freebies or lower your standards, they are more likely to committ. They want a lady who they can trust. If you aren’t easy with them, they figure you wont be easy with anyone else, therefore, they wont have to worry about infidelity. As a result, they will be apt to open their hearts and openly trust.


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