Music- A Mind Altering Force

A great and inexpensive way to get a handle on this generation is to pay attention to chart music. Basically, it is the top music of our culture, and the most popular music being listened to by most people. It has a variety of music genres, and each week the top music is put on the radio for the whole country to hear. So if you are looking for a way to get up to speed with the youth of our world, and more importantly your children’s world, then tune into chart music.

So, how do you pay attention to chart music?

Well, the first thing that you need to do is just listen to it. Instead of going for your favorite radio station when you jump in the car each day, find the radio stations that are playing the chart music and listen in to those. Your kids can tell you those popular radio stations if you don’t already know. You do not necessarily have to set aside hours of valuable time each week to get to know chart music, instead you can just utilize your time in the car for a different purpose.

Other ways to pay attention

-Talk to your kids about the music they are listening to

-Let them put on music of their choice when they are in the car

-Ask to borrow some of their CD’s

-Listen to the words they are hearing

-Be prepared that you may be offended with their music choices

-Determine ahead of time that you want to get a grasp of their lives

-You do not have to discipline them in any way

The lyrics in chart music are a huge reflection of what the youth of our nation are thinking about and caring about. So listen up. You may find that you learn a great deal. The depth of thought and emotion that our youth are experiencing each day may also surprise you. Chart music is a great way for parents and educators to keep a handle on the interests of their kids. Take time to listen to what your kids are listening to!

At Catch Them Young, during our music workshops we discuss the impact of the music we listen to. Our minds are like computers. The music we listen to can impact us positively or negatively. The majority of todays’ popular music promotes violence, profanity, promiscuity and the like. We teach our musicians the importance of writing original music that promote the positive.


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