Positive Affirmation For Your Children

By familiarizing our youth with the richness of their culture and giving them constant reinforcement of who they are, we can produce a stronger, more confident and assertive generation. Below are suggested affirmations that can be recited aloud with your children, students and youth groups on a daily basis.  As they consistently recite these affirmations, they will begin to live, breathe and see the manifestation of what has been spoken. Additional affirmations can be added based on their personal needs.

-I am the answer to someone’s problem

-i am distinctively different

-I am not a mistake or an after thought

-No one can do what I have been created to do

-I will live and not die, no incident or accident shall be permitted in my life

-I will fulfill the destiny I was preordained to accomplish

-i am unstoppable, there is nobody like me

-I walk in love and not anger

-I am a light in the midst of darkness

-I possess mental toughness

-I will not allow ill-spoken words to hinder me

-I love me

-I will not allow the opinions of others to stop me

-I excel in every area of my life

-Everything I touch prospers

-Peer Pressure or Negative Influences shall not distract me


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