The State of Our Youth Today

By: Francis S. Cole, Ph.D.

Regional Director

U.S. Department of Labor

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Statistics tell us that 40% of children born in the year 2011 were to single mothers. We must question our position in many areas, the first three that come to mind are: family values, health relationships and sexual activity. It has become acceptable for a family to have one parent and multiple children, fathered by multiple men. Gone are the days when we automatically think of family as a father, mother and children. Too many commonplace things seem to be sexually driven. You cannot watch a television commercial or look at a car advertisement without the scantily clad, smooth talking, cosmetically manicured model that has absolutely nothing to do with the product.

All these images and messages about faster, stronger, skinnier or sexier are telling our children they are not good enough. This subliminal messaging continues to measure up to unrealistic false standards. If we were to spend more time teaching our children right from wrong, and teach them to stand up for what they believe in, they would weigh the consequences before they act, and we would have children who are smarter, stronger and better equipped than generations before them.


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