Catch Them Young- The Time is Now!

By: Dr. Dee Dee Freeman

Spirit of Faith Christian Center; Temple Hills, MD

In every generation certain individuals impact the lives of young people. These individuals become responsible in their roles as mother, father, teacher, mentor and friend. Often, they are the only light these young lives are exposed to, thus ensuring that they become healthy and productive adults. Joy Stevenson is one of these individuals highly qualified to speak on the importance of providing a sound and stable foundation for them. She is an outstanding mother and friend, not only to her own daughter, but to countless other young men and women.

It is evident that she was predestined for this work, and has proven it to be of utmost importance to her. Over the years, she has exhibited an unwavering dedication to the mission of Catch Them Young. Caring is important, but taking actions is what’s needed. We want to inspire you to do the work and touch the lives of the young people around you. We want to ensure that their future, and the future of our society, is one of full promise. I hope you too will be inspired to Catch Them Young.


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